Internet Solutions - Websites From $250.00.

Many of those really slick web sites you come across every day can cost you from thousands to tens of thousands of dollars to get up and running. They can also cost you a lot more money to maintain and update when new data as required.

an imageYou could own your own high functioning, three page website, just like this one for as little as $250.00 for a full year, including basic design, domain name and hosting. 
Now, that is real value by today's standards.

Check our templates page for free templates you can use as a starting point, as is, or, you can customise them to suit your own ideas, or we can do it  for you.
The web site you are now visiting, FOTOFX.COM.AU/

is an example of what you can get for the minimum price, top value deal we are offering for $250.00 all up and running for a full calendar year..

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New Block

Side Bar blocks

This main page has a main column and a right hand sidebar where you can advise your visitors about other important announcements. The sidebar content blocks appears on all pages carrying the same content for each.

More Blocks

You can have up to five sidebar blocks included in your economy $250.00 website all carrying different content of up to seventy five words each.

About Sidebars

You can have just one sidebar if you prefer and have it located on either the right hand side or the lefthand side of the main content column. You can have a total of two sidebars in your basic website... two grouped together, or, one on either side of the main information column.